Sunday, July 6, 2008

That's Not the Shape of My Heart.

first of all, this is one amazing song, and a crazy sad clip from a wonderful movie ->

- i know that the clubs are weapons of war-

second, i'd like to pay some homage to my idol Holly Golightly and show some amazing pieces from Tiffany's.

and for now, that's it. it's time for sleep for me, and my irregular sleeping patterns are NOT doing good for my health. so tata lovelies, miss me when i'm in the Ukraine. =)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Beauty Sleep; The Real Deal.

so in our modern world, one thing people don't have time for, including themselves, each other, and good food, is sleep. it's sooo very important to being healthy, looking good, feeling good, and living long! i can't stress this enough, and i try my best-est to get the recommended amount of sleep. =)

besides, nowadays you can keep making your gorgeous self more gorgeous while you snooze away thanks to nightcreams, hair rollers, masks and leave-in conditioners. remember to moisturize your elbows, heels, hands, and where ever else you tend to be dry. flaky, dry-looking skin makes NO ONE look attractive.
apply zit cream when you see redness or swelling appear-> ProActiv's Combination Therapy Refining Mask works wonders over night; just rub some on and go to sleep.
wash your face before you go to sleep to be rid of all the toxins and oils, use a cleanser for a really nice, deep clean.
brush your teeth and lips [ it sounds crazy, but it helps get your lips plump and rosy ] and remember to floss! fresh breath may not be an aphrodisiac, but bad breath is such a repellant.
put on nightcreams for age-prevention if you need them, put on whatever your dermatologist prescribed.

now that the beauty regime has been taken care of, we need to move on to the actual sleep.
about fifteen minutes before you go to sleep, try not watching TV or your laptop. instead, drink some milk or something, but nothing caffeinated! read something nice before bed [ try to read something you can finish in that time, or else you might keep yourself awake for some extra time, wondering about the conclusion! ] daydream, think about pleasant things; BUT NOT ABOUT REAL LIFE. that counting thing people say never worked for me, but hey, try it and if it works, yay for you!

there you have it, darlings. turn off the lights and tuck in!

beware of the magazine tick!

like being the book tick, clothes tick, shoes tick, bag tick, jewelry tick, and the like, the magazine tick sucks away at your expenses like life blood until you find your salary [ or allowance ] dwindling and dwindling. magazines are an addictive substance, promising relief from daily life, insight, and tips, tips and tips! the headlines, the ads, the front pages; how can anyone resist?

but wait! don't forget this great secret to getting magazine-y goodness and saving your cash -> SUBSCRIPTIONS. every magazine comes with a bunch of little postcards inside with great deals on getting a years' worth of the magazine, almost always along with another perk; be it ANOTHER year for free, a cute bag, makeup, or something even better! buy one issue of the magazine off the stand to see if you're interested, then subscribe or not.

check out for great deals if you're not afraid of the internet or Trojan Horse. ughh, it sends shivers down my spine!

i currently subscribe to; Seventeen, CosmoGirl!, Teen Vogue, Allure.
i want to also subscribe to; Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, Self, Glamour, GL, Real Simple.

how about you?

Never Buy Full Price

okay, so unless you have a million dollar trust fund, or are just filthy rich, don't waste your time in the brand name stores, or even in Macy's!

instead, head over to my new world; Loehmann's, Century 21, and the like. the clothes are mostly brand name, and if you put effort into it, you can find amazing gems. i went today and came away with a little black dress for summer from a crap "brand" name, but it looks and feels good, three flats from Wanted, Seychelles and Anne Klein, and sunglasses from Jessica Simpson that make me feel like a star. if they were in my size, i would've snapped up a pair of Coach flats for $100, and a Juicy Couture gorgeous white skirt.

there are so many beautiful things that there must be a drawback, and sadly there is. you're not the only reccesionista who's figured out the formula to looking good and not spending a fortune. others are there too, and they can snap up your treasure faster than you can say "Miu Miu"! there can be a shortage of yummy clothes/shoes in your size, so try to get there early and work fast. but be courteous and please, don't attack the salespeople.

P.S. if you find a Sharif wallet for $15 and buy it, know that i envy you with all the fiber in my being.

xoxo, blondie.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Library Fines.

[ i keep apologizing, but honestly, this is summer, and there is no excuse for me not posting multiple entries every single day, now is there? i'm just so very sorry, and i promise to make it
up to you [; ]

i am in a depression right now. i owe my local library $24.89!!! all i can think is, aerie bra, two on sale AE tops, three almay foundations; it goes on and on and on. WHY? ughh.

so inspired by my own pain, i am reminding you beauties not to waste hard-earned cash [sob] on things like library fines. try never to get into debt, no matter how glamorous Carrie Bradshaw makes it look. for library books though, it's a simple rule; renew every visit, and every week online.

i'm still crying, which is undoubtedly making my face all red and puffy. ewwwww.

if someone licked my face right now, it'd be really salty. [where did that thought come from?]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the dailies =]

so so soooo sorry lovelies that i didn't post anything yesterday. what can i say, it just, slipped my mind. but i loooooooooove you don't ever forget, okay?

  1. for some simple and great tips from a beautiful woman who knows how to flaunt her stuff, head on out to
  2. head on over to to enjoy a fake life with the cutest fake pets and a bunch of entertaining games. relaxing[;.
  3. plan to watch Hancock tomorrow [or today, being that it's one o' clock in the morning]. anything for Will Smith.

Monday, June 30, 2008

daily to-know.

so it rained cats, dogs, and transvestites here in NYC today. i was out and about, so i of course as always have my little daily tidbits for you!

  1. head on over to spoiled pretty if you want your chance at winning seven spectacular bags along with goodies to put into them; a gym bag, an everyday bag, a weekend bag, a beach bag, a clutch, an organic bag and a work bag. [ i'm praying that i get the everyday bag, honestly. ]
  2. today was NYC's gay pride parade, and it was as loud, flamboyant and fun as ever. i came out toting a couple of wonderful friends to support the cause, and to watch the shoes, if i may say so.
  3. if you ever have the chance, check out the brownies at your local Pret A Manger. god are they spectacular!
  4. please support the honey bees. check out help the honey bees dot com for tips on how, created by the all-mighty Haagen-Dazs.